Whether you’re buying a house, apartment or bungalow, whether you’re a first time buyer or whether you’ve bought before, perhaps many times, one thing that all purchasers have in common is that its not an easy process. With so many elements to bring together and so many tasks to undertake, no wonder its confusing and to some people daunting.

At Stuart Rattner Chartered Surveyors we may not be able to simplify the process for you but what we can do is to help you with our friendly service and straightforward advice when it comes to those all important questions:

“Should I go ahead and buy this particular property?”

“Seems ok but what condition is it really in?”

“Am I paying the right price?”

“What are the pitfalls that I may not have thought about?”

Usually a Home Buyers Report or Building Survey will answer these questions, but you may need advice about the level of survey that you need. Make a call or send an e-mail to Stuart Rattner Chartered Surveyors for a friendly, helpful discussion beforehand and we will do our best to respond to your particular needs.

Your survey report will be written in everyday language as much as possible. Any technical terms that are necessary will be explained where possible. And when you receive your report, our help and advice does not end there. We will be pleased to provide any further explanations or to answer questions that arise from the report or that you think of subsequently. Just ask, we’re here to help.


“I don’t need a survey if I’m going to sell. I just contact an estate agent and put my property on the market. Right?”

Of course, that’s what the vast majority of sellers do. But under the very difficult current market conditions, have you thought about getting advice as to how to increase your chances of selling. No doubt your estate agent will tell you about the presentation of your home, but what about those needs of repair, improvement or finishing that you’re either unsure about or are not even aware of.? Could they prejudice your chances of a sale or affect the price you hope to achieve? A pre-marketing inspection by Stuart Rattner Chartered Surveyors might just give you the edge


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