Survey Guide

Unsure about the type of survey you need
? Not sure whether you need a survey at all? Please refer to the following brief guide, but also please phone if any doubt.

Lender's Valuation This is not a survey at all. It is a limited inspection to inform your mortgage lender that the value of the property covers the amount of the proposed loan and that all factors are within their criteria.
Although it may highlight major faults there is no certainty of this, nor is it likely to tell you, as the purchaser, what you need to know or to help your decision making.

RICS_Homebuyer_Survey and Valuation This is a proper survey and is a mid price, mid range service. It is suitable for all types of property built from about the 1850's onwards which are in reasonable condition. That means those that are not obviously very run down or in a state of serious disrepair. It is produced on a standard form and includes a valution. This not only helps you decide if the property is suitable to purchase but will also tell you if the proposed price is reasonable.

Building Survey This services provides a very detailed and comprehensive report on the condition, construction and materials in a property and is therefore best suited to older, historic or listed properties and to those in serious disrepair, as well as those of unusual construction or those that you are planning to substantially alter or renovate. It is produced on our own format but is flexible and can be adapted to your own particular needs. A valuation is not normally included but can be added as an optional extra.